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Distinguished Researcher | ERC Grantee
Ambassador of the European Innovation Council
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
C/ Jordi Girona 1-3, C6-112, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: (+34)934017423

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  • Jun 2024: New papers accepted at IEEE JSAC and IEEE COMMAG. Congratulations to Ama and Fátima for their first journal paper!
  • Mar 2024: Ethungshan has won a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Grant! It is called BeNiFIt, check it out!
  • Dec 2023: Sergi holds new editorial positions as DC AEiC of IEEE JETCAS and AE of IEEE TMC and IEEE TMBMC.
  • Dec 2023: Santiago has defended his PhD thesis on quantum multi-core processors. Check out his amazing work. Congratulations, Santi!!
  • Jul 2023: We travel to Valencia for the kick-off of our new project QUADRATURE, check it out! We will investigate how to architecte quantum multi-core processors.
  • Jun 2023: Our alumni Hamidreza Taghvaee has won the UPC outstanding thesis award for his work on programmable metasurfaces. More details here.
  • Jun 2023: We traveled to Vilanova i la Geltrú for our first group workshop. It was great!
  • May 2023: Sergi will be guest editor in a IEEE JSAC special issue on electromagnetic nanonetworks.
  • Apr 2023: Ama Bandara has obtained a full scholarship to attend the IEEE ComSoc school on 6G Communication and Wireless Technology!
  • Apr 2023: Pau Escofet and his team have won the first prize in the Qiskit Hackathon Barcelona 2023!
  • Jan 2023: Three papers have been accepted at IEEE ISCAS 2023 and one paper in IEEE JETCAS. Congrats to Bernat Ollé and Pau Talarn for their first paper!
  • Oct 2022: Sergi has been given the ACM NanoCom Outstanding Milestone Award for his contributions in wireless chip-scale communications!
  • Jun 2022: Our alumni Robert Guirado won the IN-NOVA Award to the best master thesis and the IBM Award to the best academic record for his work on wireless over-the-air computation in on-chip scenarios accepted at IJCNN/WCCI 2022. These awards are given by the COIT (Spanish Association of Telecommunication Engineers) and recognize the best works in Spain. See the list here.
  • Apr 2022: New paper on metasurface-programmable wireless networks-on-chip accepted at Advanced Science.
  • Apr 2022: New website! Thanks to Antonio Franques for the support.
  • Mar 2022: Sergi has been awarded with an ERC Starting Grant! The project is called WINC, check it out.
  • Mar 2022: New paper on graphene metasurfaces for 6G accepted at IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.
  • Feb 2022: Axel Wassington starts as a new PhD student. He will work on the acceleration of Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). Welcome Axel!
  • Feb 2022: New paper summarizing a vision of heterogeneous interconnects for chiplet-based systems accepted at IEEE MICRO.
  • Feb 2022: Ruizhe, Ioanna, and Emilie defended their undergraduate theses with honors. Ioanna is going back to Greece and Emilie back to France. Good luck!!
  • Jan 2022: I will be General Chair of NOCS’22 (hybrid, Shanghai) and Vice-General Chair of NANOCOM’22 (Barcelona), both in October. Submit your best work and also come to Barcelona!
  • Jan 2022: OMEGA has been nominated as best paper candidate at IPDPS’22! Fingers crossed!
  • Sep 2021: Fátima Rodríguez starts as a new PhD student. She will do research in electromagnetic propagation in on-chip network scenarios. Welcome Fátima!
  • Jul 2021: Hamidreza defended his PhD thesis titled On scalable, reconfigurable, and intelligent metasurfaces. Hamidreza will join the University of Nottingham as a postdoc. Congratulations and all the best, Hamidreza!!
  • Jun 2021: Cristina, Carlos, Pau, Nil, Andreu, and Robert defended their undergraduate theses and passed with great marks. Good luck to you all in your future endeavors!
  • Apr 2021: A new project starts with NEC Labs Europe! It is called IGNNSPECTOR, check it out
  • Mar 2021: New papers accepted or presented at IEEE JSAC, HPCA, ISCAS.
  • Feb 2021: I have been appointed National Champion of the European Innovation Council (EIC).
  • Feb 2021: Gonzalo has defended his BSc thesis. Congrats Gonzalo!
  • Dec 2020: NeuMAC has been accepted to NSDI’21
  • Aug 2020: New poster at SIGCOMM’20, 3rd place at the Student Research Competition.
  • Jul 2020: Jorge has defended his MSc thesis. Congrats Jorge!
  • Jun 2020: I have been appointed as Associate Editor of Frontiers in Communications and Networks, General Chair at NoCARC’20, founding co-chair of ACM NanoCoCoA @ ACM SenSys.
  • May 2020: New papers at IEEE TCOM, IEEE Access, IEEE JETCAS.
  • Oct 2019: I will be coordinating the new H2020 FETOPEN project WIPLASH.
  • Sep 2019: I have been awarded with the NanoComNet Young Investigator Award.